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Zignature Foods | Your Dog Isn’t A Vegetarian

Why we like it:

Meat, without the potatoes. Our furry family members require a diet rich in animal protein. Veternarian T. J. Dunn Jr, DVM notes that nature made the rules of biochemistry and nutrition, and unfortunately “Every single day in practice, I see dogs that are not thriving because nature’s rules are not being followed.” That’s why we dig Zignature – their food recipes follow mother nature’s natural blueprint of limited ingredients, low glycemic carbohydrates, and meat first and foremost….

Every type of protein we sell is free of the most common potential kNine allergies: Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, and Chicken. By the way, when they say free of Chicken, they mean completely free; no Chicken Eggs, Chicken Meal, or any Chicken By-Products whatsoever. Few pet-food companies can make this claim, and that’s why we stand behind this product.

Don’t get us wrong – carbohydrates do provide healthy benefits, so long as they’re the right kind of carbs. We love the fact there’s no Corn, Wheat or Potatoes that are high-glycemic, which may cause spikes in your dog’s glucose (sugar) levels and are unnecessary calories (think weight gain). Instead, Zignature uses low-glycemic legumes like Chickpeas which promote stable blood sugar and include valuable dietary fiber.

Puppy? Senior? High energy adult? Zignature is formulated for dogs of all breeds, ages, and energy levels. The amount you feed is how you will regulate your pet’s ideal body weight, cutting out the need to juggle foods through your pet’s life stages. Different proteins can assist with your pets different needs, please ask us if you’re not sure which would be a good fit.

Stop by and chat with us about it – we love talking dog food!


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