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What Makes A Doggy Daycare SAFE?

Dogs are naturally social creatures, thriving on playtime and general interaction with other dogs. And who doesn’t love watching their pups chase each other? Many owners take their pets to a dog parks, while an increasing number of them bring their pets to doggie daycare.

There are significant benefits in safety and cleanliness when opting for a daycare, as the facilities are typically cleaned and staffed by professionals. Most dog parks, however, are lucky if the grass is cut on a regular basis, and there’s no screening process to prevent dangerous dogs from interacting with your own.

Dog daycare and boarding facilities are a fast growing industry, with the American Pet Products Association (APPA) recording $66.75 Billion spent on pets in 2016 alone.  Unfortunately, regulations on the daycare and boarding side of the industry are limited at best, with only a few States like Colorado maxing out their dogs to staff members at 15. Most States don’t have a requirement for Pet CPR or First Aid, which is an affordable course that daycares should implement that can save your dog’s life if something goes wrong.

That means that pet owners need to educate themselves in order to protect their furry family members because it’s essentially an unregulated industry.

So how can I make sure my pet is safe? Ask these questions:

Unfortunately, many dogs have died tragically from heat stroke, drowning or general neglect at numerous dog daycare facilities across the country. In Florida, the only recourse an owner has is to sue for the value of the price paid for the pet. 

It’s imperative that dog owners be diligent in their search for a suitable daycare for their pet; their life depends on it.

– kNine2five

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