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Foster Banjo’s Happily Ever After Story!

We’ve had so much support the last few weeks for the adoptable pups we foster and share with you guys on Facebook and Instagram that we wanted to start a series to share their Happily Ever After stories after they find their forever homes! So without further ado… Meet Banjo! ?

One Upon a Time…

There was a pup named Banjo who was with a family that cared for him for 8 years until the family decided to get a new puppy and Banjo snapped at it. So they surrendered him to Animal Control.

One of the employees of Banjos former vet office went to Animal Control and pulled him from the shelter in efforts to find him a new home.

kNine2Five was contacted with this story and we couldn’t say no! We love old souls and took Banjo on as one of our fosters. A few weeks passed and we found the perfect family for Banjo. Richard and Cheryl have a soft spot for the older wiser pups who need a home. They came to meet another dog originally but Cheryl and Banjo bonded immediately and the rest is happy tails!

Speaking of stories, Have you heard ours?

We really hope you enjoy this series, and over time all posts will also be archived on our Blog so you can always catch up on our latest Happily Ever Afters even if you miss the email!


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