Canine Influenza, What You Need to Know to Keep Your Dog Safe

With all the news recently about the Canine Influenza, you probably have questions as to how we at kNine2Five are prepared! Here’s a quick update on how we’re keeping your pet healthy at our resort and what you can do at home to help stop the spread of Canine Influenza.


First, we are pleased to report that there have been ZERO cases of the Canine Influenza at kNine2Five! Our staff is watching all the pups under our care throughout the day for any indications of respiratory issues and we are constantly cleaning and sanitizing our facilities to help guard against potential transmission.

We use veterinary-grade accelerated peroxide cleaning systems and continuously exceed expectations on our compliance reports with the local inspectors. We follow the ASPCA Pro’s treatment guidelines to the letter.

Unfortunately, the vaccine may not completely prevent infection; reports indicate the H3N2 strain has been found in addition to the H3N8, which is the strain covered by the available vaccine. There appears to be no cross reactivity between the two strains, meaning that vaccination against one doesn’t necessarily help the dog defend against the other. This is typical with flu vaccinations for humans, which we deal with on an annual basis.

Therefore, we are going to be adding the Two Part Canine Influenza Vaccine as a required vaccine for all Daycare and Boarding clients.

What To Look For:

Symptoms mimic what we see with influenza in humans; coughing, nasal and eye discharge, sneezing, fever and reduced appetite and lethargy. Should your pet exhibit any of these symptoms, see a vet immediately. About one in five infected dogs may develop severe complications such as pneumonia.We are committed to keeping kNine2Five and our customers influenza-free. Here are the steps we are taking (and we need your help as well):

Looking For More Info?

Questions Or Want To Talk?

Please feel free to reach out by giving us a ring at (727) 230-2202 and we’ll get back to you with any questions or concerns about Canine Influenza. 

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